I love being a traveling New Jersey newborn photographer. While I do have a home studio I do travel because of a number of reasons.

First of all a lot of women have a c-section while delivering their baby and it is very hard and painful to move around the house after that, not to even mention to get out of the house, walk up and down the steps, etc. That is why I come to your house to photograph your precious new baby.

Reason number two, you have other children and sometimes it is very hard to get everyone out of the door. Kids do not want to get dressed, can’t find a shoe, somebody is sleepy, tired etc. Parents usually get frustrated and stressed out. I do not want that for my clients. I do not want you to get stressed out before your session. The key to a successful newborn session is to stay calm and relaxed. In this case again I come to your house so you could focus on your comfort and take time getting ready for your family photos.

Reason number three is, yes, you guessed, Covid-19. Some parents are extra cautious about taking their new baby to new places. And while I do keep my studio very clean and disinfect everything before my clients come for their newborn photo session, I can totally understand when parents would rather stay home and have a photographer come to their place.

Yes! I bring my whole studio to your house and set it all up in your living room. Please, do not worry about your messy house. I do not care how your house looks. I have children too and my house looks like a mess almost all the time. All I need is some space for all my equipment and we are good to go!

You can relax, do your own thing and even take a nap! while I take care of your baby. As a traveling New Jersey newborn photographer my goal is to make your session as most comfortable as possible.

If you have any questions about booking your newborn session with me, please, do not hesitate to send me a message!




February 1, 2022

New Jersey newborn photographer


Hi! I am a New Jersey newborn photographer, located in Morris county.

As we all know, this year brought us a lot of chaos to our lives. It was not the easiest year for us.

It is impossible not to think or hear about corona virus every 15 minutes.

I decided to temporary close my home studio for newborns. I come to your house instead (cake smashes are still happening here, in my home studio).

The reason I made this decision is I know how hard it is for new moms to get out of the house with a newborn. And during these times, with corona virus going on, I am sure a lot of you are worried about getting sick or getting your baby sick.

This will give you not only assurance that you are not exposing your baby to a virus but also you will be comfortable in your home.

Let me tell you about precautions I take. This is my goal to keep you and your baby safe during your newborn session.

Every morning before a session I take my temperature .

The night before a session I wash all the props (hats, blankets, clothes, wraps etc.) in hot water and throw everything in a dryer.

I wash and sanitize all the buckets, beds, bowls and other props that I will use at your session.

I wear a mask while in your home and use sanitizer often. Also, before I pick your baby up, I wash my hands.

When I arrive at your home, please, wear a mask. If you are not feeling well, have fever, cough and other symptoms ,please, let me know even if it is an hour before your session. I want to make sure I do not get sick either.

If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to email me https://sashaweberphotography.com/contact


Sasha Weber photography


New Jersey newborn photographer


December 16, 2020

Corona virus and keeping your baby safe.

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