Hi! I am Sasha and I am a family photographer from New Jersey.

One of many questions that my clients have “Why do you schedule outdoor sessions before sunset?”.

Let me explain it.

When I first started photographing people outside I didn’t understand why my pictures are so contrasty and have so many shadows and why there are weird spots on my clients faces.

After experimenting with different times of the day, I realized that those weird spots and shadows are caused by the sun! Quickly I changed all the bookings to a later time and bam! my pictures came out so much better! Picking the right time for your photos is so important.

You want that warm soft light around you, running through your hair, hugging you, making the whole picture look magical.

I put a lot of work into planning your session. From thinking about colors for your wardrobe to a location to other small details so your session is as easy for you as it can get. Weather matters too of course. If it is rainy we reschedule. If it is cloudy we schedule it for earlier time that day so if you schedule your session for let say 7 pm in summer you have to have the whole day free otherwise we would have to pick another day.

While summer is hot and you worry about sweating and being hot, summer sunsets are so worth it! That is another reason I schedule your session right before sunset. It gets cooler!

Just look at these sweet faces.

I hope I explained why I pick time right before sunset. You can also go to the ‘Family gallery’ https://sashaweberphotography.com/galleryfamily-2 to see more of my work.

Let’s connect and talk about that perfect session you wanted to book forever!

Here is my website www.sashaweberphotography.com Feel free to reach out!

Your favorite New Jersey family photographer ,


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June 1, 2022

New Jersey family photographer

New Jersey family photographer

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